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Disney's Magic Kingdom

AdventureLand | FrontierLand | Liberty Square | FantasyLand | Mickey's ToonTown Fair | TomorrowLand | Main Street U.S.A®

Celebrated as the most magical place on earth, immerse yourself in an incredible fantasy world where imagination takes flight and spirits soar. With Disney World Tickets, bedazzled as your favorite characters and lands of make-believe come alive just for you. Wondrous attractions thrust you into enchanting adventures. Lavish parades and shows leave you laughing along with characters from your favorite Disney classics. It's a kingdom where once upon a time is now, and a place to create cherished memories that last forever.

The Magic Kingdom ® is the place where storybook fantasy is everyday reality, and Disney classics are brought to life. Most of the famous Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and everyone else can be found scattered at various places throughout the Magic Kingdom, posing for family photographs.

The Magic Kingdom ® is divided into seven different lands of fantasy, arranged like a wheel, with the magnificent Cinderella's Castle as the centerpiece at the hub of the wheel. For most people it's also probably the most magical and memorable of the three parks, so it's well worth budgeting to spend at least one full day in the Magic Kingdom if you want to see it all.

New in the Magic Kingdom®: Now the fun begins as the park introduces an interactive ride-through attraction, "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin"


The Swiss Family Treehouse is dedicated to the Smith family Robinson. The tale circles around a family marooned on an island that builds their own home. Journey into the attraction and see why the lives they made for themselves were spectacular indeed. Or try the Magic Carpets of Aladdin to fly, and fly your way on the magical carpet ride you wish for. The ride allows you to pilot your magic carpet by going high, low, and tilting in any direction. Purchase a Magic Kingdom ticket to enjoy your own Arabian fairy tale. At the Enchanted Tiki Room, Iago and Zazu greet you with smart comments and you are soon swept into the elegant Tiki Stage Room. The Tiki Stage Show is dedicated to your pleasure whether it be singing to comedy, or anything in between. Thank your feathery friends as you leave. Exotic and humors extreme, you float through three varied rivers on the Jungle Cruise and your skipper will tell you tales. Tall tales that are to amazing to be true and become great sources of comedy while you see the myriad of animals along the ride. The movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, brings new life to this classic attraction. Barbossa and Captain Jack now duke it out aboard the ship and talkative mechanical pirates spit witty banter at each other as you navigate the ship. Be taken in, figuratively, by the pirate lot after you get your Magic Kingdom® Tickets.


Splash Mountain®
Featuring, Brer Rabbit, this log flume chases after the rabbit as he escapes Brer Bear and Brer Fox. Through turns and cranks, your log will keep pace with the rabbit until the five story final plunge!
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
The little engine that your came, saw, and lost your accessories on. This little coaster is one of the faster thrills in Magic Kingdom and rightfully so. Once the ride is underway, the locomotive does not stop until you have been thoroughly thrilled by the sudden curves and hills.
Tom Sawyer Island
The ferry will drop you down south to Tom's Landing. The entire island is yours to explore and the experience is not really fulfilled until you have sought out every cave and cranny on the island. Relish the island's beauty and the strength of the river your floated in on after you buy your cheap Magic Kingdom® Ticket.
Country Bear Jamboree
The country bears have decided to throw you a show, and you'll be stomping and hollering along with the animatronics. The concert is certainly a worthy attraction to fill those times when you just do not know what you want to see next.
FrontierLand® Shootin' Arcade
Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. Empty the chamber and down some targets that are ready to help you prove you are sharpshooter. Practice and take down all the targets. The range has popping, stationary, and moving targets for you to aim for.

Liberty Square

The Hall of Presidents
Simply amazing is all that can describe the presentation here. All 42 presidents are amazingly detailed and animated at a speech from Abraham Lincoln. Amazing storytelling, and amazing widescreen films, coupled with the audio animatronics to bring you an educational look at our government's history.
Liberty Square Riverboat
The steamboat ferry is an old American means of travel that is used today to transport guests to Tom Sawyer's Island. Relax, and enjoy the leisurely slide across the river in colonial style.
The Haunted Mansion
You're locked into your seat and the undead creep all around you. Some want to ride with you, others just want to look through you. This creep fest is the mansion that haunts your sensibilities for days to come. Make room, for the riding ghouls because I don't think they like being denied by the flesh-advantaged.
Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dining
Minnie, your hostess, will allow you to dine in her Revolutionary War-Era themed diner to enjoy the great food. Old style cooking and old world atmosphere make this a must see when you stomach is grumbling and your curiosity is peaked.
Liberty Tree Tavern
For those just interested in great colonial cuisine, have your food at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Everything is the same except there are no costumes in sight.


Cinderella Castle
Seen anywhere Disney is associated, Cinderella Castle is a key part of the identity of Disney. Be part of the history of the Park and make memories of you own while visiting this magnificent monument to the power of imagination.
"It's a small world"
This classic ride, is familiar to everyone and has been duplicated in cartoons and film for years. The world is toured in a small craft that takes you from culture to culture in a large tunnel. Everything you could need to know about the world is shared with you during the course of your ride.
Peter Pan's Flight
Here, you fly with the grace of Peter Pan, following all his of adventures and living them yourself. You float above London and gaze at the night sky and you narrowly escape the jaws of the alligator. Never grow up.
Mickey's PhilharMagic
This attraction boasts one of the largest seamless viewing screens in the world. The adventures of Mickey and friends is breathtakingly displayed in three dimensions and the musical comedy is not to be rivaled. Use your Magic Kingdom Ticket wisely and take it all in.
Storytime with Belle
Belle revives this classic story for you and even invites some people to help her realize the story to its full potential. You hear the story directly from the Beauty of Beauty and the Beast. Don't be taken in until you've heard her story though.
Snow White's Scary Adventures
Escape the evil queen alongside Snow White while you ride in a dwarf's mining car. The witch will transform and try to trick you, but don't let her tempt you with her poisoned apple.
Cinderella's Golden Carousel
On the shaded side of Cinderella Castle, rests all of her horses. Mount the carousel and choose your favorite steed to help Prince Charming protect his love. Or have your own adventure on one of the royal horses.
Dumbo The Flying Elephant
Fly on Dumbo's back and decide how high or low you want to fly. No one is to old or to young to appreciate the grace of a flying elephant. Smiles are contagious and the happiness you pull from this ride will spread to everyone you encounter.
Ariel's Grotto
The home of Ariel herself is full of the wonders under the sea. Coral, starfish, pools, and waterfalls, are on every wall of the underwater attraction. Ariel is also present to invite you to her home as well as pose for pictures.
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Your Magic Kingdom Tickets get you a day with everyone's favorite honey lover, Winnie the Pooh. Ride in one of his immense honey pots and meet everyone from the Hundred-Acre Wood. Piglet and Rabbit are waiting to show you around.
Mad Tea Party
Whirl around the table of the Mad Hatter and spin in his cups. Don't go completely mad though, since you'll only be a guest of the tea party until the tea runs out which should be fairly soon.
Cinderella's Royal Table - Dreams Come True
Cinderella's Castle is open to the hungry and the really hungry. Be greeted as a guest of the royal princess herself and feed yourself from the endless supply of fresh food at the breakfast and lunch arrangements. Leave as a satisfied member of the royal court.

Mickey's ToonTown Fair

Minnie's Country House
Minnie lives her and welcomes everyone to come and tour her home. Everything about it screams Minnie including her heart-shaped weathervane. Sometimes she is in her backyard tending to her flowers and you may be lucky enough to meet her.
ToonTown Hall of Fame
Have goofy fun with Goofy and meet all your favorite characters here. Learn about them and just have fun. Goofy is always goofing off around here.
Judge's Tent
Disney films are judged by Mickey in this tent. And even though he is busy, he always has time to give you a hug and make you smile. Watch some of the movies with him and tell him what you think.
Mickey's Country House
Mickey can't be outdone by old friend, Minnie, and is just as eager to show you his home. Tour every room and have a pleasant chuckle at the humorous details of the house. Fun for everyone, and interactive as well, this cottage will get you started for a fun day using your Magic Kingdom Tickets.
Donald's Boat
Donald's water play area gets you a little wet and a lot of fun. Send the kids into the ship and chase them around as they try to escape the water just as much as you do.
The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm
A great coaster for for all children. The Goofy Crop-Duster is primed and ready to send the kids around the fields and starting the farm day.


Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor
Every guest has a chance to be a comedian on the Laugh Floor of Monsters, Inc. On the digital stage, Mike and friends share jokes with the audience and even use one joke text messaged to them from the audience. If they really like yours, it may be you who is famous for a moment.
TomorrowLand® Indy Speedway
Put the pedal to the metal and fly around the miniature race track in Magic Kingdom. Anyone tall enough is allowed to fly around corners in actual gas powered vehicles. Impress your friends by getting the best time.
Space Mountain®
Space mountain is a unique roller coaster that rockets you through space itself. Fly past planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, and anything else you can find out in the endless expanse. But don't worry, your rocket still has enough fuel for a return trip to Earth.
Astro Orbiter
Soar through space and time over TomorrowLand®. Control the height yourself and be glad you bought a cheap Disney World ticket to Magic Kingdom.
TomorrowLand® Transit Authority
The TomorrowLand Transit Authority is a powerful guided tour of the area with very interesting side and behind-the-scenes information about the park.
Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress
Unlike most other presentation, the Carousel of Progress is a revolving theater that tells you the story of a family getting used to the rapid advances in the twentieth century. A little comedy is bred as tehy get used to how things have gotten easier.

Main Street, U.S.A®

Walt Disney World® Railroad
What theme park would be complete without four working full-size locomotives! Magic Kingdom offers guests a ride around the park that will always take twenty minutes as per the old reliability of a conductor's watch. Every train is authentic and even steam powered.
Main Street Vehicles
Also on Main Street, are several fun transportation possibilities. The most notable being being the jitney but you can also find the horse car, omnibus, fire engine, or horseless carriage.
The Crystal Palace
Now we reach The Crystal Palace. Now an amazing restaurant, this palace offers an amazing buffet and also the company of Winnie the Pooh's pals. With it's great and open atmosphere, the Palace is a wonderful choice for a quick meal.
Tony's Town Square
Lady and the Tramp in real life. Tony's offers exquisite Italian cuisine, and a myriad of delightful pastas. Disney World encourages you to share the experience with someone that means a lot to you.
The Plaza Restaurant
Yet another restaurant with an airy atmosphere, this restaurant takes on a very reflective personality evident in its use of mirrors and light colors. The food is not about to be outdone though because offered here are grilled deli-sandwiches, salads, and ice-cream.
Disney Dreams Come True Parade
What everyone comes to Main Street for, has got to be the Parades. The first, Dreams Come True Parade, showcases many of the most notable Disney characters to be born. Not only are your favorites present, but they are riding on magnificent floats and dancing to nostalgic Disney Tunes.
"SpectroMagic" Parade
If you plan the right night, you could see the Spectacular "SpectroMagic" Parade here. The Disney Collection brightens the night sky by displaying huge floats with countless lights. Raindbows, and Auroras in abundance, you'll have a hard time deciding what your eyes deserve first. Smile and be merry while taking in the power of the Parade.